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Gejie Bu Shing Wan – by Yulin

Gejie Bu Shing Wan – by Yulin tonifies the Kidneys and Lungs and is helpful for shortness of breath on the inhale/wheezing, fatigue, and low backache. Amount: 50 capsules per bottle.


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Barbara Witzell

Prompt delivery.



Free breathing! How precious!

I just started my third bottle. I have COPD. I am very pleased with this product. My breathing is easy, relaxed now. Mostly, the wheezing is gone, and when I do wheeze, it can be traced to what I ate. This product opens my airways rapidly. My energy levels have increased a whole lot. I am stronger and no longer tremble. I have reduced the amount of oxygen I need. I can’t say enough kind words about this product. Thank you…

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Gejie Bu Shing Wan bottle of 50 capsules | Best Chinese Medicines
This product: Gejie Bu Shing Wan – by Yulin

Pack of six yellow boxes.


Box of 16 yunnan baiyao capsules, with chinese and english text.


Box of 80 sugar free tablets, 300 milligrams each, of dietary herbal supplement by KGS, with english and chinese text.


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Gejie Bu Shing Wan – by Yulin

Gejie Bu Shing WanE – by Yulin is a general tonic formula that strengthens the energetic Kidney and Lung organ systems and is a good choice to:

  • help with shortness of breath and wheezing, especially when there is difficulty drawing breath into the body. The idea here is that it is the energetic Kidney which grasps the breath and pulls it down into the Lung– therefore, strengthening the Kidney addresses the root of the problem of dyspnea (on the inhale).
  • low back pain; weakness, soreness, and/or achiness in the knees
  • low energy, fatigue, low vitality in general
  • low libido
  • cold limbs

Herbal Ingredients found in Gejie Bu Shing Wan – by Yulin

Inactive Ingredients
Fd & C Blue No.1 and Fd&c Red No. 40.

Dosage Instructions for Gejie Bu Shing Wan – by Yulin

Take 3-4 capsules, 2-3 times a day

Amount: 50 capsules per bottle.

Use with caution while pregnant or nursing.

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