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Plum Flower - Li Dan Pian

Plum Flower – Li Dan Pian supports normal gallbladder formation by addressing gallbladder inflammation and the formation of gallstones.

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Product Description

Plum Flower – Li Dan Pian

Plum Flower – Li Dan Pian is a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula recommended for those supporting normal gall bladder and liver function by addressing gallbladder inflammation and the formation of gallstones (cholelithiasis). Secondary symptoms pointing toward the appropriate use of this formula include: costal pain, nausea and vomiting, poor digestion, and jaundice. These secondary symptoms may flare up after a greasy meal.

Clinical Notes: Jin Qian Cao (lysimachia) dissolves the physical stones while Huang Qin (scutellaria) and Yin Chen Hao (artemesia) clear damp-heat from the Gallbladder channel. Mu Xiang (costus/auklandia root) and Bai Shao (white peony root) invigorate and move Liver blood, Da Qing Ye (isatis leaf) and Jin Yin Hua (locinera flower) fight local inflammaiton and infection, and finally Da Huang (rhubarb root) purges the stools to help release the bile from the body.



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Bupleurum Chinensis plus other herbs

I was told that supplementing my diet with Bupleurum Chinensis would build up the
immune system to fight off Covid-19. Being a herbalist from way back I know that herbal
combinations are more potent than a single herb taken alone. I had no clue this is a specific for
Liver and Gallbladder function...but what happened has made me healthier in an unexpected way! I went from bowel elimination once a three times! It is puzzling that Americans buy into Big Pharma when herbs are ALWAYS better for them. Shipping?-- Quick like bunny!

Elaine thank you so much for your comments. We really appreciate hearing from you.

Fast shipping

Very fast shipping and communication. Excellent herbs.

Thank you for your feedback. We try super hard to process orders quickly.

Bought it for someone

I bought it for my dad so I don't personally know the effectiveness of it. He likes it though. The product did get delivered really fast and in good condition too.

Sandy thank you for your feedback.

It works.

It works.

Thank you James for your feedback!

Li Dan Pian

This herbal formula has been very helpful for me. Also, the product was not as advertised online and Best Chinese Medicine made it right!

Thank you Carolyn for giving us the chance to make it right. We are human too.