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Shu De An Capsules - Yu Lam Brand

Shu De An is a gentle Heart tonic that calms the Shen (or Spirit) and is most commonly used to help with insomnia, palpitations, and anxiety.


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What is Shu De An Capsules – Yu Lam Brand:

Shu De An is what is known in Chinese Medicine as a gentle Heart tonic. It comprises most of the main herbs in TCM that are used to “Calm the Shen (or Spirit)”, which means is it good for addressing such presentations as insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, and restlessness. It is also a nice helper for overcoming depressed, lackluster states of being (e.g. listlessness, lack of motivation, lack of purpose, etc…). Note that this formula does NOT treat clinical, diagnosed depression but rather provide a gentle lift to the Spirit that can help make the passage through life a little bit lighter and brighter.

Clinical Note: This formulas shades a bit toward tonifying yin, buiding blood, and generating fluids and will work a bit better w/that clinical pattern/presentation.


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