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Yunnan Baiyao – Qiwuji Spray

Yunnan Baiyao – Qiwuji Spray (Aerosol) is effective herbal lotion to relieve the pains from injury and to speed up the healing process. Shop now!

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Suzanne Sasinka

Can I use on tumor

Haven’t used it yet, can I spray on a growing mct tumor?

Frequently purchased with Yunnan Baiyao – Qiwuji Spray

yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji spray, box with chinese characters, two bottles containg product
This product: Yunnan Baiyao – Qiwuji Spray

Box of 16 yunnan baiyao capsules, with chinese and english text.


Amber bottle with chinese and english text containing 4 grams of yunnan baiyao powder.


Yellow and red box of five yunnan baiyao pain patches, also called pain plasters. English and chinese text.


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Yunnan Baiyao – Qiwuji Spray

Yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji is an excellent and effective herbal lotion to relieve the pains from injury and to speed up the healing process.

The herbs in the lotion help stimulate blood flow to clear the swelling and stop the pain. They also help speed up the recovery process so you can get back to action again quickly.

This product is effective for addressing:

  • Promoting blood flow to eliminate blood stasis (i.e. sppeds healing when there is bruising and swelling due to trauma)
  • relieving pain
  • pain from the ligering effeects of traumatic injury (i.e. swelling and pain caused by stagnated blood)
  • Aches in muscles and ligature chronic injuries and other long-term conditions (e.g. rheumatic arthritis)

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