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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide – from Best Chinese Medicines

The holidays – and winter in general – can be a difficult time for many people. Stress abounds and seasonal ailments keep us under the weather. This year, treat your friends and family to the best gifts and stocking stuffers that will lift their spirits and boost their health.

The holiday season is the perfect time to start focusing in on wellness. For many people, the approaching new year provides a fresh new start for reaching health goals. Some plan for less stress, better sleep, more happiness, better digestion, or to finally conquer their pain. With our Chinese medicine and holistic gifts, you’ll set your friends and family up for a brand-new year of health and wellness.

Give the Gift of Health in 2020

The following products are perfect for anyone who loves holistic medicine or could use a few extra healthy hacks at home. While each person’s health condition varies, there are a few natural, simple products that will improve the wellbeing of nearly anyone. We’ve collected our favorite products and ideas for our health-focused gift guide.

Give Vitality: Real Mushrooms Line

The Real Mushrooms line contains high-quality, organic mushrooms in easy to take pills or powders. Mushrooms have amazing restorative and rejuvenating abilities for a variety of needs. The Real Mushroom capsules can be easily taken every day, similar to a vitamin or your other favorite Chinese herbal formula. The Real Mushroom powders are perfect for mixing into coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, or even to bake with!
Turkey Tail: Turkey Tail is an incredible product to help boost energy and support the immune system. Support your friends and family by giving them a boosted immune system this winter.

Cordyceps-M: Cordyceps is the go-to mushroom for performance-driven athletes. If you have a runner, yogi, weightlifter, cyclist, or anyone else who’s active and go-getting, Cordyceps will help to improve their performance while enhancing their body’s ability to recover after training.

Reishi 415: Reishi is a beautiful mushroom that is well-known for promoting longevity. It has been used in cancer care, anxiety, insomnia, and general wellness. Gift a Real Mushrooms Reishi 415 to anyone on your list who deserves a little more peace and wellbeing.

5 Defenders: The 5 Defenders blend contains Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Chaga, and Turkey Tail for a well-rounded general wellness formula. This blend is excellent for anyone, especially if they are interested in maintaining amazing health.

Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane is best known for its ability to enhance cognition: memory, problem-solving, concentration, and general nervous system functioning. This is a great choice for the student in your life, or even a hard-working relative.

Chaga: Chaga improves digestive function and overall gut health. It’s perfect for the friend who struggles with digestion, is working towards losing weight, or knows the huge importance of a healthy microbiome.

Give Peace of Mind: Bravo Teas

Bravo Teas are no ordinary teas. They are quality, organic blends based on the wisdom of Chinese medicine and age-old health formulations. Here are a few of our favorite teas to reduce stress, boost wellness, and encourage daily peace of mind.

Sleep Better: There’s no better remedy for the stresses of life than a good night’s sleep. Treat your friends and family to a natural, delicious, relaxing tea that helps to calm the mind and promote quality restful sleep.

Triple Stress Relief: For those who need extra stress-relief during the day, slip a box of Triple Stress Relief under their tree. This tea uses Chinese herbs that help the body respond to and recover from stress easier. Welcome in a calmer, simpler New Year.

Daily Immunity: Keep your friends and family healthy all season long with Daily Immunity tea. This blend uses two highly effective Chinese herbs (astragalus and isatis) to defend against illness and boost the immune system.

Energy & Stamina: Who needs caffeine when you can fuel your body with natural energy? The Energy & Stamina tea is a caffeine-free, herbal alternative to your daily coffee habit. Share with your favorite friend to give them fresh, clear energy without any of the jitters of coffee.

Give Comfort: Po Chai Pills or Curing Pills

Po Chai Pills and Curing Pills are both used to treat gastro-intestinal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, food poisoning, and bloating. These might not sound like the most glamorous holiday gift, but they are worth their weight in gold!
These tiny – but mighty – pills are one of the best natural ways to find comfort and recover from issues like overeating (it is the holidays!) or food poisoning. This makes the perfect gift for the jetsetters and adventurers in your life. After eating delicious street-food delicacies or sipping a few too many holiday cocktails, these magic pills will be the best present anyone could hope for. They quickly relieve the nausea and digestive issues associated with poor food choices and even hangovers. Having a bottle of Po Chai pills or Curing pills on hand while traveling is a complete game changer.

Give Relief: Topical Chinese Herbal Products

We carry several handy topical Chinese medicinal products at Best Chinese Medicine. These include herbal oils, liniments, tinctures, patches, and aromatic pain relievers. Along with providing much needed pain and stress relief, these products are also fortified with the power of Chinese herbs. They work to heal and restore function to damaged tissue and injury, all while reducing pain and pressure.
These tiny bottles are the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for anyone who needs a little less tension and a little more relaxation.

White Flower Oil: This aromatic oil has a ton of great uses. A small dab on the neck or temples can melt away headaches. Put a drop on the feet and chest before bed to open up chest congestion. Dab a small amount on the wrists or behind the ears to relieve stress and feel more awake.

Zheng Gu Shui: The name Zheng Gu Shui means “correct the bone water.” True to its name, this liniment is effective in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation in the joints and other bony areas. This is the perfect gift for those suffering arthritis, neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, or any other painful musculoskeletal condition.

Po Sum On: Po Sum On is a delicious-smelling topical oil with many uses. It has a slightly warming and loosening effect, so is perfect for sore and tight muscles. A few drops on the temples and the back of the neck will ease up headaches and tension from stress. Rub on sore and tired feet at the end of the day for a self-care treat.

Woodlock Oil: Like Zheng Gu Shui, Wood Lock is a great choice for pain and arthritis. Apply to the painful area and cover with a heat pad for the best affect.

Zhitong Gao Plaster: Slip a few Zitong Gao plasters into the stocking of your friends who suffer from back or neck pain. These plasters deeply penetrate sore muscles to relieve pain and relax tension.

701 Analgesic Plaster: The 701 Analgesic Plasters are a favorite remedy for those who suffer from chronic, longstanding joint pain and muscular soreness. These plasters relieve muscle pain and stimulate blood flow through areas of tightness, weakness, or old injury. Consider for those with back pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, knee pain, or sciatica.

Give Preparedness: Yunnan Baiyao Powder

Yunnan Baiyao is a famous formula with a wide variety of applications. Over the years, it has been used and modified to treat many different illnesses, wounds, internal and external issues, and has even been popularized in the world of veterinary medicine. Its amazing abilities come from its ability to stop bleeding while encouraging healthy blood flow to an area of injury.
Yunnan Baiyao is an excellent addition to you home health care kit – and a great gift idea. It provides a natural way to treat wounds and bleeding on the spot. This is a unique and highly effective first-aid kit addition to use for cuts, scrapes, bloody noses, or other accidental wounds. Consider this for anyone in your life who loves to be prepared, loves history and interesting inventions, or has a rowdy crew on their hands!

Health for the Holidays

Gift-giving should be fun, but it often just becomes another stressor. Skip the malls and shopping centers (and save some of your own sanity!) by choosing health this holiday season. The unique gifts mentioned in this guide are appropriate for anyone, but please reach out if you have any questions or need help choosing your healthy holiday presents.

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