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Mushrooms in Chinese Medicine

Best Chinese Medicine is a proud supplier of Real Mushrooms medicinal mushroom capsules and powders. From immune health and energy to mood balance and digestive support, Real Mushrooms offers a dedicated line of supplements to support our bodies with the power of healing mushrooms. 

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Chinese Medicine and Medicinal Mushrooms

Chinese medicine has a long history of using mushrooms and fungus to help the body heal. The first known mention of mushrooms as part of Chinese medical tradition dates back to the 2nd century AD in one of herbology’s most revered texts, the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (called the Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica in most English translations). In this book, many mushrooms were mentioned including the popular Reishi mushroom.

In Chinese medicine, mushrooms are used both as medicine and food. Healing recipes that include reishi, poria, tremella (wood ear), and cordyceps were used to improve diet and promote longevity. To address health issues or have a stronger effect, medicinal mushrooms are added to herbal formulas and decocted as medicine.

Today, these and other mushrooms are used both in Chinese herbal formulas and as stand-alone supplements to promote health and fight disease.

Click here to check out our blog post about mushrooms— it gives a quick overview of the mushroom extracts we carry and also has some great recipes that suggest ways to incorporate the healing power of mushrooms into your normal routines of living.

Why We Choose Real Mushrooms?

There are many mushroom products on the market these days, but we love Real Mushrooms the best. One of most important reasons Best Chinese Medicine chose Real Mushrooms for our customers is the fact that they are 100% mushroom.

Many other brands use “mycelium” (the mushroom root system that grows on grains) to create their products. Unfortunately, mycelium contains far fewer of the active compounds that make mushrooms so powerful. These products are also unable to separate the compounds from the grain they grow on, meaning that a good portion of those products are simply grain.

Real Mushrooms uses the actual medicinal mushroom and tests for beta-glucans and starches to prove that their products are not just fillers, but pure medicinal mushrooms.

Real Mushrooms Products Available at Best Chinese Medicines

Because medicinal mushrooms are a key aspect of Chinese herbal medicine, we offer the following high-quality mushroom supplements:

Chaga: Improve your digestion and fight fatigue with Chaga mushroom. Available in capsule or powder form.

Cordyceps-M: Cordyceps is touted as a powerful energizing mushroom. Use Cordycpes-M for performance enhancement, fatigue, or respiratory disorders.  Available in capsule or powder form.

Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane is known to enhance cognitive health and can help improve memory, concentration, focus, mood, and mental energy. Available in capsule or powder form.

5-Defenders: Immunity is crucial for staying healthy and active. Protect and defend with the five powerful immunity-boosting mushrooms in 5-Defenders. Available in capsule or powder form.

Reishi 415: Reishi mushroom is one of the world’s most well-known medicinal mushrooms, largely due to its benefits in cancer support and mental health. Use Reishi 415 to fight fatigue, support the body during cancer treatment, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety. Available in capsule or powder form.

Turkey Tail: Turkey Tail is a strong immunity enhancer and is frequently used to support the body in battling cancer and other chronic illnesses. Learn more about turkey tail mushrooms for dogs. Available in capsule or powder form.

Shop our Collection of Real Mushrooms Products

Mushrooms are prized for their healing potential in both ancient and modern medical systems. With the Real Mushrooms line, we are happy to provide additional supplement resources to support you in your wellness goals.