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Chinese Herbal Medicine Uses for Yunnan Baiyao

A famous adage in Chinese Herbal Medicine says: “Where there is pain, there is stagnation. Where there is stagnation, there is pain.”   This simple phrase shows how important movement, free flow, and circulation is to the health of the body. This is why Yunnan Baiyao, a formula that helps to improve blood and qi circulation while healing tissue, is such a cherished medicinal.

How to Use Yunnan Baiyao:

First Aid:

YB became famous because of its ability to heal wounds quickly from traumatic injury. The reason YB is so effective is because it promotes healthy circulation through an injured area to speed recovery while preventing excess blood loss. The formula increases platelet activity and helps wounds to properly clot.


YB can be used to treat issues like back pain, arthritis, sprains, and injuries. The herbs in this formula work to relieve pain while also relaxing the nervous system. Choose topical versions of YB, such as plasters or sprays.

Internal Bleeding:

YB has a strong impact on blood and bleeding and can be used to stop internal bleeding disorders like endometriosis, gastric bleeding, and pulmonary bleeding. If you plan to take YB internally, please consult your acupuncturist/herbalist, or physician, first.

Yunnan Baiyao for Pets (Dogs, Cats, Horses)

Pets (Dogs, Cats & Horses) can benefit from the benefits of Yunnan Baiyao. From house pets, such as dogs and cats, with bleeding cancers to racehorses with Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH), this product can support and protect your beloved pets.

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YB capsules can be taken internally to stop bleeding disorders and pain with direction from a physician or licensed acupuncturist.

Analgesic Plasters:

The YB analgesic plasters are perfect for reducing muscle or joint pain.  They are applied externally.


YB powder is an excellent first-aid remedy for quickly treating wounds and bleeding in an emergency.

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YB is one of Chinese Herbal Medicine’s most famous formulas, and for good reason. It has been an effective natural solution for wounds, bleeding, and other conditions for over a century.