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Phargelin - Fargelin | Best Chinese Medicines

Phargelin - Fargelin

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Phargelin - Fargelin

This is a fantastic remedy for hemorrhoids. Often just a dose or two will help stop the bleeding and pain. Keep this on hand if you're prone to them!
(For bleeding of unknown origin, please consult a doctor!)


Herbal Ingredients found in Phargelin - Fargelin:

  • Tienchi ginseng (root) 
  • Japanese sophora (flower) 
  • Frankincense (resin) 
  • Myrrh (resin) 
  • Japanese honeysuckle (flower) 
  • Dong Quan (root) 
  • Sanguisorba root)

Take 2 Capsules twice a day as needed.

20 Capsules per pack

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