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Menstrual Support - Tong Jing Wan | Best Chinese Medicines

Menstrual Support - Tong Jing Wan

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Menstrual Support - Tong Jing Wan

This is a neat little formula with great results! Take it during your period to help relieve menstrual cramps and the general discomfort of having a period. It helps with both physical and emotional discomfort, and helps the body recover after the period. *


Herbal Ingredients found in Menstrual Support - Tong Jing Wan:

  • Safflower (flower) 

  • Lavage (root) 

  • Dang gui Angelica (root) 

  • Scarlet (root) 

  • Bur-Reed (root) 

  • Red Peony (root)

As a dietary supplement take 20 Teapills 2 times per day for 2 days

80 Teapills (50mg each) per bottle (enough for one period!)


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