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Neck and Lumbar Spine Capsules – by Yu Lam

Neck & Lumbar Spine Capsules by Yu Lam helps relieve various forms of pain pain and supports the overall health of the neck and spine. Amount: 90 capsules per bottle.

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neck and lumbar spine capsules, ninety count, chinese and english lettering
This product: Neck and Lumbar Spine Capsules – by Yu Lam

Box 100 pills, 350 mg each. Net weight 1.23 ounces, or 35 grams. Product of china, GMP stamp.



Pack of six yellow boxes.


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Neck & Lumbar Spine Capsules – by Yu Lam

Neck & Lumbar Spine Capsules is a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula designed to address neck and back pain from overwork, strain, and/or trauma by improving blood circulation to the affected area and relieving pain.

It is also helpful to address chronic back pain situations as it contains herbs that nourish the Liver and Kidney (which in TCM theory are responsible for strengthening, maintaining, and healing the bones, muscles, and connective tissues throughout the body).

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