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Chinese Medicine Formulas to Support the Brain, Cognition & Memory

Brain, Cognition & Memory is incredibly important, yet few people give their brains the care and attention they deserve. Fortunately, there are many ways we can start to positively impact our brain health naturally. From exercise to diet, stress management to herbal formulas, Chinese medicine offers a holistic approach to boosting cognitive health and protecting our memory.

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Chinese Medicine Brain, Cognition & Memory Basics

While Western medicine expects a decline in brain health as we age, Chinese medicine views this as a preventable condition. By living a balance life, we can keep our brain health and our memory sharp. The key things to consider when it comes to cognition is the connection between our Heart and Kidney systems and the strength of our spirit (or shen).

Sea of Marrow
The brain and spinal cord are considered the “sea of marrow” in Chinese medicine. The marrow stores our core energy, vitality, and essence. As this essence declines through aging and stress, our mental faculties decline as well. 

Phlegm is considered a pathological substance in the body that can cause minor or major disruptions. When it comes to brain health, a special type of phlegm can veil or cloud the brain, causing brain fog, mental disorders, and memory loss.

Major Organ Systems in Chinese Medicine in Relation to Brain, Cognition & Memory Health:

Heart and Kidney: Memory and brain health rely upon a healthy relationship between the Heart and Kidney systems. The Heart manages the shen, or spirit. This relates to our vitality and zest for life, the light in our eyes. The Kidneys manage the deep energy of survival and the aging process. Together, these two organ systems work to preserve our intellect, memory, and ability to learn.

Through illness, stress, and lifestyle burdens, this relationship can be strained. The result is poor memory, brain fog, and even conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke.

Common Treatments for Cognitive Decline in Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine greatly values a healthy, balanced lifestyle to stay healthy. Brain health is no different, and Chinese medicine practitioners often recommend a slower pace of life, exercise, and healthy diet to maintain a sharp mind. Acupuncture is a common treatment for reducing stress, enhancing focus, and preventing memory loss. Acupuncture is also a go-to treatment for improving brain conditions post-stroke, mental health issues, and brain fog.

Chinese Herbal Formulas for Brain Health

Chinese herbal formulas can be used to prevent memory loss, enhance brain function, and manage current cognitive disorders. The focus of Chinese herbal medicines is on supporting the Heart and Kidney connection, reducing stress, and encouraging the flow of clear energy to the brain.  

Special Herbs for Brain, Cognition and Memory

The following are important herbs used in our popular brain health formulas. 

He Shou Wu/ Polygonum multiflorum: He shou wu is sometimes called “the black-haired man” for its ability to help prevent early aging. When it comes to brain health, he shou wu is an effective herb to protect the brain and support the Kidneys.

Wu wei zi/ Schizandra berries: Wu wei zi is an astringent herb that helps to tonify the Heart and Kidney systems. It is known for relaxing reducing stress on the nervous system and can be found in the classic brain tonics Bu Nao Wan and Huan Shao Wan

Jiao Gu Lan/ Gynostemma pentaphyllum: Jiao gu lan is a special herb to combat the many signs of aging. In addition to protecting the brain, jiao gu lan also prevents against hair loss, hearing loss, vision loss, and weakened immune function.

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