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Passion Statement

While some are interested in careers earn more money, my path was different. I was led to advocacy that led me to a career in the nonprofit. I have always been drawn to giving back in my community. I grew up in the Philippines so helping to me is a wat of life. When I moved here, it took a while to realize that my passion lies in helping people help themselves. I knew there’s a something I could do that resonates with my passion and purpose, but the challenge was figuring it out. Most of the people that I knew here in the states only want to better themselves (no pun intended). The first time I made this link was after I move from the Philippines to Minnesota. It has made me aware of cultural differences that exist in our country. 

During my undergraduate study, I joined Dr. Lassonde’s research in the psychology department. As a research assistant volunteer, I gained competencies in conducting research where my responsibilities included data collection analysis, facilitation of student resource participation, design experiment stimuli, and coding data.  I was also a volunteer at the Campus Kitchen delivering lunches to the seniors in Mankato area. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, but I knew that I needed to grow as a professional. Graduate school seemed like a natural fit, as I flourish in an intellectual environment. But at that time, I couldn’t find a program with emphasis in holistic and integrative medicine.  

After graduation, I joined Thrive Behavioral Network to gain experience in mental health-setting. I realize that because it is a for profit company, money talks. I also learned that there is a huge gap in the quality of services and treatment with conventional healthcare. While this experience has made me feel jaded, I did not lost hope. When my employment at Thrive Behavioral Network ended, I went through some huge transitions that affected my career choices. I accepted an offer at Life – Work Planning center a non-profit organization as a self-sufficiency counselor where I had the opportunity to work with individuals and families from diverse, cultural, ethnic, and social background. While assisting them overcome their barriers and attain self-sufficiency, I saw that people can empower themselves with available tools to help them attain optimum balance in health and wellness. I also noticed significant professional and personal growth in me working with them. I gained knowledge in integrative and holistic medicine that I share in my curriculum training and workshops. Alternative treatments should be made available to every patient and these services should be covered by health insurance providers. This led me to ponder why western medicine is more focus on alleviating symptoms with drugs versus treating the root cause of the ailment with Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. It wasn’t a career that paid good but the growth I’ve experienced was tremendous. 

When I decided it was time for me to get into graduate school. I made a huge decision to relocate in Las Vegas, Nevada. I immediately set up a meeting with a counselor at UNLV who suggested I apply for a PH D. in clinical psychology. He provided me some information regarding the program, and an estimated amount loans to complete the program. I felt hesitant after that conversation. Instead of continuing graduate school, I joined HELP of Southern Nevada a non-profit organization whose mission is to help individuals and families be self-sufficient. The journey taught me a different level of self-awareness that the integration of holistic modalities should be part of our health care. Most of my clients are feeling overwhelmed with issues affecting family life and mental health and their cure for all their health concerns are drugs prescribed by medical providers. Even so, when the pandemic hit, which changed the way we navigate healthcare. It was then that I decided to pursue integrative wellness and life- coaching at IWA academy. I took advantage of a scholarship opportunity. I felt empowered investing my time and energy in pursuit of the “whole person” care. When I completed the program, I was hired as an independent life coach practitioner by the CEO for Modi Health technologies. Being an integrative life and wellness coach has inspired me to advocate for myself and consistently utilize holistic integrative approach. I have always been an advocate of the “whole person care.” The interconnectedness of the four system is fundamental in total wellness as well as the utilization of integrative medicine that supports healing. 

All my professional and volunteering experiences has prepared me to become a practitioner of oriental medicine. My decision to study Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is congruent to the guiding forces behind my mission and philosophy in life, which is advocacy, wellness, and balance.  I believe that I owe it to myself to continue my journey and help others do the same, as well. I see myself doing a post-doctoral internship, developing more competence and practice in this profession. As an advocate of integrative and holistic medicine, I can make a positive impact in our communities particularly the ones dealing with health issues. No matter how little or big, this scholarship will be useful in the pursuit of my life purpose and passion. 

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