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Mellow Mushroom: Can Reishi Calm Your Anxiety?

Anxiety is becoming a common mental health hurdle that many of us face daily. The effects of anxiety can range from mild to completely debilitating and can interfere with work, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Some claim that the modest reishi mushroom could help us fight anxiety. Let’s explore why reishi can reduce stress levels and how you can use a quality reishi supplement for natural anxiety relief.

What is Reishi?

Reishi, or Ganoderma lucidum, is a medicinal mushroom native to Europe, Asia, and North America. It grows on deciduous hardwoods such as oak or maple. Its woody texture makes it difficult to eat, so it is mainly consumed as a tea, powder, or another supplement.

The reishi mushroom is known as the “Queen of Mushrooms” and is one of the world’s most popular medicinal mushrooms. Since ancient times, it has been used in China and Japan, where herbalists used it to help improve longevity, enhance beauty, and promote general health.

The Benefits of Reishi

  • Improved Immune Health
    Reishi helps support longevity and overall wellness by enhancing the immune system and reducing inflammation. Reishi gets its power from a high beta-glucan content – mighty compounds that support and regulate the immune system. Chinese medicine practitioners use reishi to boost qi, strengthening the body’s overall health and immunity.
  • Cancer Symptom Relief
    Issues like nausea, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and stress are common side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Researchers have found that reishi can be used to help the body manage these cancer symptoms.
  • Stress Management
    Reishi is an adaptogen. This means that it can help the body normalize or balance. In high-stress situations, adaptogens like reishi help the body stay resilient. As a result, we feel more relaxed and capable. Less damage is done to the body’s cells as the stress response is under better control.

Reishi for Anxiety

Reishi mushrooms are like the Swiss army knife of herbal medicinals. They have been used for centuries to help people maintain their mental and physical wellbeing by making them more resilient, flexible, and responsive.

But it’s not all just ancient medical lore. Recent studies show that those who take reishi regularly have lower levels of stress and anxiety and higher levels of happiness – even in those suffering from chronic health conditions.

How? Reishi mushrooms are a natural anti-depressant and adaptogenic herb, meaning they help the body better respond to stress. With a healthier stress response, we are less likely to feel anxious, overwhelmed, or irritable.

By training our bodies to respond better in stressful situations, reishi helps us with the harmful effects of chronic stress. Reishi is an adaptogen that both calms your mind and relieves tension throughout your body – reducing pain while strengthening you against future stressors as well!

How to Choose a Reishi Supplement

Reishi has become a popular medicinal mushroom and can be found in a wide variety of supplements, teas, and other products.

At Best Chinese Medicine, we love and trust Real Mushrooms Reishi 415. Here’s why:

  • It’s made from 100% organic reishi mushrooms.
  • It is verified to contain active beta-glucans, the most critical component of medicinal mushrooms.
  • Unlike other brands, there are no unnecessary fillers, starch, mycelium, or grains.
  • It’s vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free.
  • It’s 3rd party tested for transparent quality assurance. 
  • It’s trusted by over 1200 wellness practitioners.

How to Use Reishi to Manage Anxiety Naturally

Now that you know which reishi supplement to use, you’ll need to know how to use it.

While the Reishi 415 capsules are easy to take as a daily supplement, the powder gives you slightly more versatility. Here are a few different ways to use the Resihi 415 powder to stay calm and improve your overall health:

  • Add reishi powder to your favorite recipes.
    Mushroom powder can quickly dissolve into many common foods and drinks like oatmeal, salad dressing, smoothies, and even baked goods.
  • Make mushroom coffee
    The latest trend in better-for-you coffee is mushroom coffee. With Reishi 415 powder, you can enjoy a calm and serene morning ritual while getting ready for the day. Whip up this latte recipe with a blend of Real Mushroom powders, or replace the blend with 2 teaspoons of Reishi powder. 

Find Your Calm with Reishi

Reishi mushroom offers a natural way to overcome stress and anxiety. Along with exercise, mindfulness, and other holistic practices to manage anxiety, a daily reishi supplement could help you reach your mental health goals faster.

Learn more about Reishi and other powerful medicinal mushrooms, or purchase your Reishi 415 powder or capsules today!

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