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6 Ancient Secrets for Healthy Hair Naturally

Having abundant, healthy hair naturally is one of our biggest beauty obsessions. From serums to hair treatments and even medical procedures, there is no shortage of ways to improve the look and feel of your hair.

But you don’t have to have a celebrity hair care routine to get the luscious locks you dream of. In fact, many hair remedies from the past still work today.

Chinese medicine alone offers several affordable and all-natural ways to improve your hair’s texture, thickness, color, and strength. Here, we’ll share six simple ways you can use the power of nature – and Chinese herbs – to give your hair a healthy boost.

6 Ancient Secrets for Healthy Hair

Humans have long used their hair to symbolize their style, culture, and sometimes virtue. When our hair starts to suffer, however, we don’t always know how to restore our luscious locks.

If you struggle with issues like alopecia, thinning hair, hair loss, male-pattern baldness, breakage, dryness, or other hair troubles, have no fear. These six ancient hair remedies will have your hair shining in no time.

1) Camellia Oil

Japanese women have long been known for their long and lustrous hair. What’s their secret? A healthy lifestyle paired with a healthy dose of camellia oil.

Camellia oil, or tea seed oil, is a nutrient-dense oil that has been used in Japan and China for centuries. This oil is rich in several vitamins needed for a strong and healthy mane, such as A, B, C, and E.

Being an oil, camellia oil also contains essential fatty acids that protect and nourish the hair. But camellia oil is not just a nourishing conditioner or hair serum – it may also prevent split ends, promote healthy hair growth, and even darken greys.

Nourish your hair with camellia oil weekly by applying a generous amount to the scalp and ends. Massage into the hair to stimulate circulation to the head. Let sit for 20 minutes or overnight. Then, wash and style as usual. Camellia oil can also be used to nourish the skin and prevent early aging.

2) Combing Therapy

Could your everyday hair comb actually improve the health of your hair and scalp? Chinese medicine practitioners say yes.

Combing therapy is an ancient practice that can be used to stimulate circulation and nourishment to the scalp, hair, and head in general. It is considered a part of Chinese medicine’s medical massage practice, tui na.

Because several acupuncture channels and points pass through the scalp, combing therapy boosts the health of the whole body. With each pass of the comb, a healthy flow of qi and blood passes through each of these channels. This in turn leads to better organ function and reduced stress. It can be used to treat issues such as stress, pain, hair loss, male-pattern baldness, and even stroke.

Here are a few ways combing therapy improves your hair health:

  • Brings blood flow to hair follicles to prevent hair loss
  • Relaxes the tissue of the scalp
  • Deeply massages the scalp to reduce tension
  • Clears away dead skin cells, dirt, and dandruff
  • Encourages healthy oil production

To try combing therapy yourself, find a wooden comb or use your fingers. Comb your hair several times, front to back and back to front. Comb first thing in the morning and before bed for the best results.

3) Shou Wu Tang Tincture

He Shou Wu is a popular Chinese herb for anti-aging. It can treat a laundry list of age-related issues like low back pain, weakness, tinnitus, greying hair, and hair loss.

He shou wu works by acting as a Kidney tonic. It supports the deep essence of the Kidney organ system, which is most directly in charge of our aging process. If the Kidney system is weakened, we lose our youthful vitality. Our skin begins to wrinkle and our hair falls out or goes grey.

Researchers find that he shou wu contains a compound called emodin which can increase the body’s ability to create ATP (energy). When we have plenty of energy, we can spare some for healthy, lustrous hair.

To enjoy the many anti-aging benefits of he shou wu, take Shou Wu Tang tincture daily or as advised by your Chinese medicine practitioner.

4) Qi Bao Mei Ran Wan

Qi Bao Mei Ran Wan translates to “Seven Treasures for Hair Teapills” and that’s exactly what you get! This formula contains seven key Chinese herbs that work to boost the hair’s natural vibrance. It is best known for preventing premature greying and hair loss. You can also benefit from Qi Bao Mei Ran Wan if you struggle with alopecia, thinning hair, loose teeth, or weakness.

5) Rice Water Hair Rince

One of the best hair hacks of ancient times may already be sitting in your cabinets. Rice water rinses were a popular way to keep your hair long, healthy, and black in ancient Japan and China. But it’s not just an ancient tale – modern Yao women in the Huangluo province who use this technique today are claimed to postpone going grey until their 80s!

Rinsing your hair with rice water has several benefits. It nourishes the hair, reduces tangles, makes hair smoother, increases the shine, encourages length, and strengthens the hair. Studies show that rice water enhances the hair by reducing friction and preventing breaks. Rice also contains a protein called inositol that may hold the key to strong and healthy hair.

You can make your own rice water hair rinse at home. Rinse ½ cup of uncooked rice, then place in a bowl with 2-3 cups of water. Soak for 30 minutes, then strain rice out and reserve the water.

To use, wash your hair as normal. Then, in lieu of a conditioner, soak your hair in the rice water and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly and style as usual.

6) Goji and Red Date Tea or Hair Regrowth Tea

A simple ancient beauty elixir pairs two Chinese medicine herbal tonics: goji berries and red dates. These two herbs are considered qi and blood builders. Qi gives us energy and structure while blood gives us nourishment. Together, they help to preserve our health and youthful glow as we age.

To make your own daily hair tonic, simply steep a tablespoon of dried goji berries (gou qi zi) and two dried red dates (hong zao) in hot water. Sip throughout the day to keep your skin and hair healthy.

Bravo Tea – Hair Regrowth Tea

Alternatively, you could opt for Bravo Tea’s Hair Regrowth Tea. This tea acts similarly to the goji and date tea, but with an even more powerful anti-aging punch.

Get Healthier Hair with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Healthier hair is possible with herbal medicine. Chinese medicine is a powerful way to improve the quality of your hair because it addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes of hair damage, hair loss, thinning, or greying.

Invest in your hair today with a natural hair growth formula from Best Chinese Medicines!

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