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Chinese Medicine Secrets for Clear Skin

Thought your acne days were behind you? Think again.

The truth is, acne can rear its ugly head at any age. Adult acne occurs in up to 85% of women and 15% of men, meaning you could be facing worse skin in your twenties, thirties, forties, or even your perimenopausal years. 

But don’t worry, you can improve your skin’s health naturally with a few Chinese medicine secrets. Let’s learn five Chinese medicine secrets to get the complexion – and the confidence – you deserve. 

6 Chinese Medicine Secrets for Clear Skin

1. Fight acne with Margarite Acne Pills  

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Margarite Acne Pills are the most popular Chinese herbal acne remedy. With the cooling power of mother of pearl, this formula helps to cool inflammation, calm irritation, and clear away overnight breakouts or chronic acne.

2. Balance hormones with Jia Wei Xiao Yao Tang

hormone imbalance. And in many cases, that hormone imbalance is related to chronic stress, diet, and less-than-healthy lifestyle habits. But not to worry, Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan can help you find balance.

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This formula combines the famous Xiao Yao San stress-relief formula with the addition of anti-inflammatory and blood-cooling herbs. Together, these herbs create this enhanced formula that is perfect for anyone who struggles with hormonal acne, stress, irritability, PMS, and digestive upset.

3. Use rice water as a toner and moisturizer.

Rice water is an ancient beauty tonic. Women used rice water to moisturize and clear their skin and strengthen their hair. Still today, we find that rice water is a simple beauty trick that can boost the health and clarity of our skin. Learn how to use rice water as a facial toner to clear acne here.

4. Sip to keep skin healthy with Clear & Smooth Skin Tea

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Bravo Tea’s Clear & Smooth Skin Tea is a simple daily sip that helps you keep your skin clear, hydrated, and inflammation-free. Along with fragrant jasmine tea, it contains herbs that support healthy circulation and detoxification. 

5. Reduce stress with tai chi or meditation

Unmanaged stress causes a vicious cycle. Instead of letting stress pile up and wreak havoc on your hormones (and skin!), stay on top of your stress with daily self-care.

Exercises like yoga, walking, running, and tai chi are great for reducing stress. Consider doing a short meditation in the mornings, evenings, and any time you feel overwhelmed. These habits make sure your body is strong, your mind is calm, and your skin is clear!

6. Eat lots of fresh foods and stay hydrated. 

While the research now proves the link between certain foods and breakouts, Chinese medicine practitioners have known the power of diet on skin health for centuries. To keep your skin healthy and clear of blemishes, enjoy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. 

Vegetables that are high in fiber help to clear excess waste from the digestive tract. This prevents the buildup of toxins that can lead to acne. Fresh fruits and vegetables also contain nourishing and hydrating water, which reduces inflammation, irritation, and cleans the pores from within. 

Put Your Best Face Forward with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Don’t let adult acne rob you of your confidence. Use these “secrets” and Best Chinese Medicine’s herbal skin care products to balance your hormones, relieve stress, and keep your skin clear and healthy. 

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About the Author

Kaitlan Downes, MSAOM, L.AC

Kaitlan Downes, MSAOM, L.AC

Kate Downes is a Chinese medicine practitioner with a passion for herbal medicine. In fact, it was her love for plant and earth medicine that first drew her to study Chinese medicine.

Kate has a MSAOM (Master of Science, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) certification and practiced acupuncture in Indianapolis, IN for five years before packing her bags to roam the world. In order to stay in touch with the wellness community and continue to help others thrive with herbal medicine, she transformed her work from face-to-face patient care to spreading wellness through words. Her life as a remote herbalist and writer has allowed her to work with a variety of wellness brands, health pioneers, and her wonderful clients. She has a special interest in working with women’s health.

Kate thoroughly enjoys writing educational and useful pieces for Best Chinese Medicine. Her goal is to help the public gain a better understanding of the wonders of Chinese herbal medicine so they can be empowered in their own quest for natural, vibrant health.

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