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Aging, Beauty & Hair

Natural Remedies for Aging, Beauty & Hair

Chinese herbal medicine is not reserved for treating illness and disease. In fact, many Chinese herbal formulas were created to enhance wellbeing, promote longevity, and even help us look and feel more beautiful. At Best Chinese Medicine, we believe in investing in our long-term health and beauty the herbal, natural way!

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Chinese Medicine Basics for Aging, Beauty & Healthy Hair

Chinese medicine takes a holistic view when it comes to beauty and aging gracefully. No beauty treatment in Chinese medicine is solely surface level! There are many things to consider, as our body’s imbalances and stressors often show up first in our face and overall vitality.

Excess and Deficiency:

Excess symptoms – oily skin, breakouts, cystic acne, irritations

Deficiency symptoms – sagging skin, wrinkles, dryness

Yin or Yang:

Yang: deep, painful blemishes, redness, dryness,

Yin: sagging, oiliness, puffiness

Blood quality:

Blood nourishes the entire body and heals our wounds. This is just as important a job in the face and skin as it is with our bones, muscles, and organs. Healthy circulation keeps our skin hydrated, clear, and youthful while slowing the aging process.

Zang Fu Organ Systems for Aging, Beauty & Hair:

All systems: Chinese medicine takes all organ systems into account when looking at the face, as each organ pertains to a certain area. Issues in a particular region (like red cheeks or breakouts along the jaw) can provide insight into the underlying imbalances in the body.


In Chinese medicine, the Lung system corresponds to the skin. When working with beauty and aging, we will naturally address issues with the Lungs such as dryness or irritation.

Stomach and Spleen:
The Stomach and Spleen are closely tied systems, and they are both important in skin health and beauty. When the Stomach system is aggravated, we notice redness, dryness, or breakouts on the jaw. The Spleen is important for maintaining an “uplifted” appearance to the face, so sagging skin, papery skin, or droopiness can be associated with a weakness in the Spleen.

Our Liver health corresponds to the quality of our blood, so it is a natural system to address when enhancing beauty. The Liver is also involved with our stress response. Since high cortisol levels and excess stress wreak havoc on our skin quality, we will want to soothe and cool our Liver system to reduce stress.

Common Beauty Treatments in Chinese Medicine

Herbal medicine is the core way Chinese medicine enhances beauty, but other therapies like acupuncture, diet, exercise, lifestyle habits, are also important.

Cosmetic acupuncture can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lift sagging areas, improve skin quality, and prevent aging all while supporting the body’s core balance.

Regular exercise maintains good blood circulation and fights off stress (less frowning and skin-wrecking cortisol).

Natural Chinese Herbal Formulas for Beauty

Herbal medicine offers a range of formulas to address issues from aging skin to acne and blemishes to hair care. Most formulas use foundational herbs to treat the root of the problem (often a lack of nourishing yin or blood paired with particular herbs that are known to enhance beauty.

Margarite Acne Pills: This formula contains mother of pearl (Zhen zhu mu) and addresses acne marked by redness and distinct hardening. Also useful to help with a variety of skin conditions marked by redness.

Shou Wu Pian: This formula is a prepared form of the herb He shou wu (Fo-ti root) made into tablet form for convenience. Among its many actions, it is excellent at addressing alopecia and premature greying of the hair.

Qi Bao Mi Ren: This formula is recommended for those with premature graying hair, hair loss, and thin hair.

Special Chinese Herbs for Beauty

The following are important herbs used in anti-aging and beauty formulas.

Zhen zhu mu/Mother of pearl:

Does herbal beauty get more glamorous than pearls? Mother of pearl, called zhen zhu mu Chinese medicine, is used both topically and internally to help fight acne, reduce signs of aging, and as a general beauty tonic.

Dang gui/Angelica root:

Dang gui is most famous for being called “the woman’s herb” because of its ability to regulate hormones and improve PMS. These actions also have a strong effect on skin quality, hair growth, and overall vitality.

He shou wu/Polygonum multiflorum:

He shou wu is incredibly nourishing to the blood and yin, making it the perfect herb for maintaining our youth. This herb is popular in many anti-aging formulas and is the key ingredient in the famous 7 Treasures for Hair formula for premature greying or hair loss.

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