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The Best Chinese Herbs for Anti-Aging

Tired of spending money on expensive anti-aging serums? Are you hoping to avoid invasive cosmetic procedures? Simply want to feel as young as possible for as long as possible? Chinese herbs for anti-aging may be the answer you’re looking for.

Chinese herbal medicine has long been used to help people age gracefully. From wrinkle prevention and hair regrowth to mobility and heart health, there’s an herbal formula to help you achieve your goal of living young and radiant for years to come.

Read on to learn more about the Chinese medicine perspective on why we age, as well as our top Chinese herbal formulas for anti-aging.

What Causes Aging?

Have you ever noticed that some people are young at ninety, but others seem old at fifty? How is it that we age so differently?

Research shows that aging is not just about your chronological age. More important factors in aging are related to the amount of stress and damage your body has suffered over your lifetime.

Traditional Chinese medicine also views lifestyle as a major factor in the aging process. In TCM, aging occurs as we use up our energy reserves. We are all born with a certain amount of “jing” – or congenital essence – that is stored and managed by the Kidney system. This jing is like a savings account for energy and vitality. As we go through life, we gradually use up these savings and we age.

Our habits play a role in how quickly this jing is used up. Healthy habits (like exercise, diet, using anti-aging Chinese herbs, and balanced living) help replenish our jing. These habits not only help you stay well, but they also help you live longer and feel younger.

Habits like drug use, not getting enough sleep, eating processed foods, exercising too much or not enough, taking many medications, and other habits drain your energy savings. Eventually, these habits drain your jing and you age faster.

While everyone ages differently, there are some common TCM patterns most people experience:

  • Yin and Yang Deficiency
    Both yin and yang dwindle in old age. We see yin deficiency in aging signs like dry, papery skin, hair loss or graying, and gradual muscle atrophy. We see yang deficiency as lower body swelling and lack of energy.
  • Phlegm and Blood Stasis
    As the body slows down, so does our circulation. Blood and fluids easily stagnate and cause issues like hacking coughs, chronic sinus congestion, dizziness, memory loss, pain, dark skin spots, and slow movement.

Benefits of Chinese Herbs for Aging

Taking preventative Chinese herbs for anti-aging is a simple way you can nurture your body so you can look, move, and feel younger. Here are just some of the ways Chinese herbs help you slow the signs of aging:

Are Chinese Herbs for Anti-Aging Safe?

Thankfully there are very few (if any) side effects of Chinese herbs. Anti-aging herbs tend to be tonifying and gentle for most people. But, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any new supplement to ensure you don’t have any medication interactions.

Top Anti-Aging Chinese Herbs

Best Herbs to Look Young and Radiant

Four Substances (Si Wu Wan)

Si Wu Wan is a classic formula that nourishes the blood. What does this have to do with aging? In TCM, healthy, flowing blood is necessary to maintain the skin’s youthful texture and glow. Without enough blood, the skin begins to look dull, tired, and wrinkled. Si Wu Wan encourages healthy blood production and circulation to beautify the skin and prevent aging.

Zuo Gui Wan (Yinourish)

While Si Wu Wan helps nourish the blood, Zuo Gui Wan goes deeper to support all yin substances in the body. This formula is a good choice if there are significant signs of aging such as deep wrinkles, sagging skin, or dryness.

Best Herbs for Hair Loss and Graying

Seven Treasures for Hair Teapills

This tea pill is a tonic formula that supports the Kidneys. It promotes healthy skin and hair and may even help reduce hair loss, thinning hair, and graying hair.

Hair Regrowth Tea

In Traditional Chinese Herbalism, hair growth requires abundant energy in the Kidney and Liver channels. This tea blend by Bravo Teas restores the balance of Kidney and Liver yin and yang to help maintain healthy hair growth.

Best Herbs for Mature Wellness

Blood Circulation Tea

As we age, our circulation isn’t what it used to be. This can cause a range of health issues, from heart conditions to impotence. Blood Circulation Tea offers a gentle way to improve whole-body circulation in a daily mug of tea.

Jiao Gu Lan

Jiao gu lan is an anti-aging Chinese herb that acts as a strong qi tonic. It is best for those who want to boost their energy and vitality, especially when there is great exhaustion, memory loss, or signs of early aging. Some evidence shows that it may also help prevent wrinkles and hair loss. Try jiao gu lan in pill or tincture form, or as a tea.

Bu Nao Pian

Maintain your memory and prevent cognitive aging disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia with Bu Nao Pian. This herbal formula contains herbs that tonify the Kidney, stabilize the jing, and encourage brain health.

Er Long Zuo Ci Wan

Er Long Zuo Ci is a nourishing formula that helps to improve vision and hearing loss due to yin deficiency (which is common as we age). You may also notice an improvement in dry eye, blurred vision, and tinnitus.

Feel Youthful with Chinese Herbal Medicine

While there may be no magical fountain of youth, Chinese herbs for anti-aging are the next best thing. Shop our collection of anti-aging Chinese herbs to find a formula that helps you look, feel, and live younger today!

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