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  • Which Mushrooms are Adaptogens?

    Mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to promote healing and wellness. More recently, “adaptogens” have gained popularity as powerful substances that can help us supercharge healing and kick stress to the curb. With mushroom adaptogens, you can have the best of both worlds. But, while many mushrooms are good for you, not […]

  • What are Adaptogenic Powders?

    In the world of wellness, there is always a new “must-try” supplement or superfood. While some of these items are more hype than they’re worth, there’s one trend that’s not going away: adaptogenic powders. Adaptogens are scientifically proven herbs and supplements that help us manage stress and live in better balance. With the help of […]

  • Best Adaptogens for Memory

    It’s normal to forget where you’ve placed your keys once in a while or struggle to remember what you had for dinner last week. But if you regularly find yourself forgetting important information or feeling foggy-headed, your brain may be calling out for help. Thankfully, adaptogens for memory offer a natural way to support your […]

  • Best Chinese Medicines for Cough

    From a nagging tickle in your throat to a painful hack, coughing can be an uncomfortable and disruptive symptom. But before you reach for the drugstore cough medicine, Chinese herbs for cough may offer faster relief and longer-lasting benefits. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), coughing is often seen as a sign of an imbalance in […]

  • Chinese Herbs that Boost Your Immunity

    Chinese Herbs that Boost Your Immunity

    What’s the secret to a long and healthy life? Giving your immune system the TLC it deserves. Your immune system works for you day and night. Immune cells are constantly scouring tissue and blood to find and eliminate potential threats. Like silent warriors, these cells and organ systems work to defend your health – often […]

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jenett jiye george

Blood pressure

It is helping to bring numbers down


Sharon Stinson

Eye pills

I have really dry, irritated eyes and live in Phoenix, Arizona. The summer heat and air conditioning are brutal on my eyes. After visiting numerous eye doctors and having them all tell me to use drops that are never effective (and sometimes more irritated than prior to using them) I’ve started using the tea pills daily. They are absolutely wonderful and helpful. Unfortunately wearing a mask at work does not help the dryness but my eyes have felt much relief and I might also say almost normal . Thanks for your product that has been so helpful.


Kathi B

Helped Shingles nerve pain

I took this for shingles nerve pain and I noticed improvement from the very first day. Have taken it for 2 weeks and will continue until I’m fully recovered.

Kathi, we appreciate hearing from you. Keep us posted. Be well.